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Competition for IT jobs is tougher than ever. Make every application count and make yourself standout from the crowd with our assistance.

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Techway Placements offers a full range of recruitment services to local employers and candidates in the IT sector.

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Helping Local Employers and Candidates Position for Success.

As an agency that gives emphasis on effective recruitment, Techway Placements’ services encompass all aspects of the process, from sourcing candidates to hiring talents and everything in between. We are up to date on the latest employment trends and are well aware of recruitment standards and practices. We use this background to help clients position for success.









Through our extensive experience in recruitment, we deliver excellent value to companies by helping them find and hire the right people for their IT positions and who can contribute to their growth and success.

We also assist candidates in their pursuit for a job that matches well with their experience and skills. In short, we provide tailor made recruitment solutions that are second to none.

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A flexible way to build practical IT skills and work experience employers want.

Have the opportunity to connect with a real company and get mentored by an industry professional without leaving your home. Develop practical IT skills and experience that will help you stand out and get employed.

A valuable opportunity that will set you up for success.

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Reasons to Recruit Through Techway Placements

When the need for new staff arises, you can tap into our expertise to provide you with reliable recruitment solutions. Try our services today and experience benefits that can give your company a competitive advantage.

We maintain an extensive pool of local candidates, specialising in various IT disciplines and possessing different qualifications. We continue to grow our network of candidates to address the changing staffing needs of different companies.

We have a good sense of what to look for in a candidate, not to mention a good background in the recruitment process. From reviewing job descriptions to completing an actual hire, we can accomplish the process within a few days or weeks.

In-house recruitment can be expensive. Even if your company is flush with cash, you do not want to take the risk of hiring just about anyone. By choosing us to be your recruitment partner, you can avoid process redundancies and cut back on recruitment expenses, as we will handle everything on your behalf for an affordable cost.

Different organisations have different needs, and we know this too well. As such, for every project we take on, our first order of business is to understand the client’s staffing goals and requirements. We then use the results of our research as a basis for formulating recruitment solutions that are meant to address the client’s unique needs.

Powering our services is an experienced team of recruitment specialists. Each member has an extensive background in recruitment, ensuring that everything in the process will be properly accounted for. Additionally, we are actively engaged in the community and we maintain a good working relationship with both local employers and job seekers, so we know where and what to look for.

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What People Says About Us

We are a small web development company and our HR department has their hands full with all the tasks they need to handle. This limits our ability when it comes to recruitment, which is why we have decided to work with Techway Placements. In just a couple of days their team was able to provide us with a shortlist of qualified candidates within the local area, and we were able to hire great talents. We will definitely use their services again for our recruitment.

Darryl Patterson

Operations Manager, Web Development Company

After working in marketing for four years, I've decided to switch to website development since I have completed a number of trainings in that field and I wanted to put my skills to use. I found it difficult to apply because my experience was lacking. I tapped into Techway Placements for help, and they gave me great advice and support. They also matched with organisations looking for the qualifications I have. Long story short, I got a job through their help.

Karl Solano

Web Developer, Digital Service Firm