Get mentored

Work with an industry professional.

Build work experience

Do real IT tasks and projects.

Distinguish yourself

Become more employable.


Unique opportunity to grow practical skills and build valuable work experience in a flexible way.

As recruitment specialists, we know how challenging finding a job can be, especially in the IT sector where experience is a necessity. We want to help candidates, particularly new graduates and even career changers, have a better fighting chance at landing the IT roles they want. So aside from providing recruitment services, we have created mentorship programs that are accessible to aspiring IT professionals.

Our programs give you a unique opportunity to grow practical skills and valuable work experience by connecting you with a company involved in the IT sector. What makes them all the more inviting is their flexible arrangement that lets you work remotely--at home or wherever you are in the world. It only takes 3 months to complete a program. By then, we are confident that you will have acquired the competencies you need to start your job search on the right track.


Learn from an expert in your field of interest.

Work with a mentor who is an expert in your preferred IT discipline. Receive personalised guidance and advice on your tasks and get the chance to ask questions if you encounter any roadblocks. Email your mentor at any time and get a response as soon as they are available.


Gain practical skills and work experience by completing real-life tasks and projects.

There is no better way to boost your IT skills and gain valuable work experience in the field than by doing challenging tasks and projects that are based on situations that you may come across in the workplace. There are no deadlines to worry about. You can even complete them at your own pace.


Stand out from the crowd with a certificate that validates your IT skills and work experience.

Completing the program will earn you a certificate that sets seal on the skills and work experience you have acquired. Use it to support your application documents and show potential employers that you went the extra mile to enhance your employability and that you are a good choice for the role they are hiring for.


Receive extra help from our team and set off on your job search journey with confidence.

Our service to you does not end once you complete the mentorship program. Our recruitment team will assist you on your job search journey by providing support in improving your CV and preparing you for interviews. We are all about getting you on the path to employment and career success.

Find out more about our mentorship programs and discover how they can help set you up for success by talking to one of our consultants.

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