About us

About us

Who We Are

Techway Placements is an experienced recruitment agency that provides a full range of recruitment services for the IT sector within the UK.. We strongly believe that while good products or services as well as high value proposition are essential for IT companies to achieve success, their long term growth can only be driven by the quality of people they hire and keep. This belief is what inspires us to provide strategic recruitment solutions to local companies that will enable them to find talented individuals to join their teams. We make use of our background and expertise in recruitment to effectively attract, interview, assess, and select candidates, who have the skills and abilities needed to take on specific roles and perform functions according to required standards.

Aside from catering to local IT companies, we also assist job seekers and returning workers in finding work opportunities within the sector that are a good fit for their experience and qualifications. We help them get their CVs in order and prepare for interviews so they can land the jobs they desire. We also provide mentoring and work experience programs that candidates can use to grow their experience, skills and potentials, which can then contribute in the achievement of their career goals.

What We Deliver

With recruitment being a time-consuming and challenging process, many companies lack the experience and expertise to carry out its associated functions effectively. What we do is provide practical assistance these companies need to fill in positions with suitably qualified people. Such assistance encompasses the following:

  • Rapid response to requests
  • Identification and preparation of job descriptions and specifications
  • Active candidates’ search
  • In-depth screening and assessment
  • On-boarding of high calibre candidates

Our Core Values

Our primary mission is to provide best in class recruitment solutions to local companies and candidates alike. In order to deliver on this, we always follow the core values that underpin our operations and dictate our actions whenever we take on a project and carry out our services.

We put our clients at the centre of everything we do. We take the time to understand their needs and use our expertise to develop strategies that will allow them to grow and achieve success.

We work hard to earn the trust of companies and candidates we serve. This is what helps us in building our credibility and growing our network over the years.

We are committed to deliver excellence, and we do that by continuously improving our services and upholding the highest standards when dealing with companies and candidates.

We want companies to make the right hiring decisions and we want candidates to be their best when presenting themselves to hiring companies. It is for these reasons that we are driven to provide them the necessary tools to effectively and confidently navigate the recruitment process.


What People Say About Us

We are a small web development company and our HR department has their hands full with all the tasks they need to handle. This limits our ability when it comes to recruitment, which is why we have decided to work with Techway Placements. In just a couple of days their team was able to provide us with a shortlist of qualified candidates within the local area, and we were able to hire great talents. We will definitely use their services again for our recruitment.

Darryl Patterson

Operations Manager, Web Development Company

After working in marketing for four years, I've decided to switch to website development since I have completed training in that field and I wanted to put my skills to use. I found it difficult to apply because my experience was lacking. I tapped into Techway Placements for help, and they gave me great advice and support. They also matched with organisations looking for the qualifications I have. Long story short, I got a job through their help.

Karl Solano

Web Developer, Digital Service Firm