Finding and hiring candidates with excellent IT capabilities is our specialty. Let our expert team connect you with top talents to fill your manpower requirements.

We supply qualified professionals to local companies that have IT roles to fill. Our thorough recruitment and selection process ensures that you will receive a shortlist of candidates who possess the capabilities, experience and attitude you are looking for. The following below are some of the key IT disciplines and positions that we recruit for:

Cyber Security

The majority of today's businesses rely on computers, networks, programs and social media to keep their operations up and running and stay connected to their customers and suppliers. This reliance increases the probability of exposure to attack or data breach, which can lead to significant loss or damage when allowed to happen.

Any business would want to minimise their vulnerability against cyber attacks from within and outside their company. So apart from having IT risk management and access control measures in place, hiring qualified cyber security professionals makes perfect sense as part of a solid cyber risk mitigation strategy.

Techway Placements recruits varied positions related to cyber security. We can help you source candidates for such roles as IT security consultant, security system administrator, information security analyst, penetration tester, security architect, and IT security engineer. Our recruitment experts can assist in finding and hiring top talents that can take care of ensuring the security of your company's technical infrastructure against a wide variety of risks

IT Support & Networking

Information is the core of effective business communication and decision-making. And a high functioning computer network is an integral means for companies to have access to and communicate information that they can use to maximise operational productivity and efficiency, ensure information security, enhance products and services, and understand their customers and business better.

Like any other technology, computer networks need to be properly set up and regularly maintained to optimise their capabilities and maximise their use. This makes the expertise of IT support and networking professionals essential, as they are the ones capable of  addressing diverse networking issues that businesses may encounter.

Demand for IT support and networking professionals is ever increasing in the UK, and if your company is one of those with vacancies to fill in this discipline, Techway Placements can help. We have experience in recruiting for positions that include network support engineer, network support analyst, and network administrator. We can connect you with talents in a short period of time and assist you in the actual hiring process to make sure you are getting the right candidates for the job.

IT Technician

Reliable computer technology is vital for any business to succeed. It offers immense value, from  streamlining processes and ensuring business uptime, to increasing staff productivity and storing, retrieving and communicating information efficiently. It only makes sense for businesses, regardless of the size, to look after their computer technology to help it run smoothly and avoid roadblocks that can hamper effective operation and service delivery.

IT technicians are at the forefront of ensuring the quality and reliability of different computer technologies. This makes them critical members of tech-driven companies. They perform varied tech-related functions, ranging from computer technology development and maintenance, to  debugging issues, to resolving computer and network problems.

Countless companies require the expertise of IT technicians to support their systems and networks. If yours is one of them, our team can assist you in finding candidates that fit your requirements. Aside from our in-depth experience in recruiting IT technicians, we follow industry practices and standards when implementing our recruitment process. This makes us confident that we can produce satisfactory hires for your company.

Software Development

New technologies like cloud, automation, artificial intelligence and others have significantly changed the business environment. For companies to keep up with this change, investing in software development and new technological advancements is the way to go. Not only will this help in redefining their business strategies and boosting their productivity and efficiency; it will also enable them to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

Engaging in software development is a laborious process that requires a specific set of expertise and experience. With that, having the right people in the team is vital to develop and launch a high performing software.

Is your company about to undertake a software project? Perhaps, an existing project that was once put on hold will be revived to benefit the business? Whatever the case is, you will likely need additional people who can effectively work and contribute in the development of your software. In that case, Techway Placements is here for your recruitment needs.

As specialists in recruiting for the IT sector, we know where and how to look for candidates with the technical capabilities you are looking for. Some of the key development positions we can fill in include software developer, software engineer, software architect, and functional analyst.  We only use proven recruitment approaches to bring to you the best candidates for your company's open roles.

Software Testing

The way people and businesses use software is changing. They will not settle for products that are just good enough. Instead, they want products that deliver quality user experience -- those that perform the way they should and without persistent bugs that affect their functionality. This gives emphasis on the value of software testing.

A critical aspect of software development, testing is an approach to quality assurance. It is all about finding problems that matter within a software before its launch. Testing done right ensures long-term savings, as it can prevent unnecessary troubles down the road. The process also brings security and warrants product quality and customer satisfaction.

Putting an application to test goes beyond looking into its performance. It also entails understanding its functionality, scalability and ability to take stress. Given how complicated this process is, getting qualified software testers is a must to achieve desired outcomes. Techway Placements can assist you in this aspect, so you can get your software development project off the ground without worries.

We know first-hand how multifaceted the process can be when hiring software testers. This is why we offer our recruitment services to help your company zero in on the right candidates and find the best hires for your vacancies. We recruit software testers for a number of clients, including those involved in the financial services, healthcare, professional services, media, transport, telecommunication and more. We can also hire testers with specialisations in automation testing, performance testing, and business analysis.

Web Development

Having a website is common for any kind of business today. It performs a number of critical functions, including helping the business establish its online presence, reach customers and target audience, network with suppliers, and ultimately increase revenues. As customers increasingly go online to find products and services and engage with brands, not having a website can result in missed opportunities.

It is not just websites that businesses must embrace, though. Web applications are equally vital tools in today's digital business landscape. They assist in meeting a variety of business demands, from communication with customers and employees, to providing data and information to management, to streamlining business processes for improved efficiency and productivity. Put it simply, websites and web applications are wise business investments that deliver excellent returns in the long run.

The development of websites and web applications are best left to the hands of professionals. Doing so ensures products that work the way they should. So if your company is about to engage in the development of a website or web application, we can help you get the right people in your team.

Techway Placements has been recruiting candidates for a variety of web development roles. We use our in-depth experience in the field to help our clients find and hire qualified professionals who can contribute in their development projects and enable them to launch successful websites and web applications. Some of the web development roles we can recruit for your company include web developer and web designer, usability lead, information architect, web application programmer, database administrator, and webmaster.

Project Management

Forward-thinking companies invest in IT projects because they understand what a good IT product can do to take their business to the next level. To achieve their desired outcomes,  however, they need to make sure that their projects are properly managed from planning to execution and launch. This demands having the right IT project managers on board to oversee the entire process.

IT project managers take responsibility for both the technical and organisational aspects of an IT project. Beyond that, they use their expertise to engage every person involved in the project and drive timelines and budgets. Considering the range of responsibilities they have to take on, IT project managers need to have the capability to seamlessly manage a number of activities at once, while also being knowledgeable of different dimensions of software lifecycle, testing and quality assurance. Unsuprisingly, the role is in high demand among companies of all sizes.

Techway Placements can aid your company in finding the right person for your IT project management role. Our recruiters have specialist market knowledge, allowing them to know  where to find sought-after candidates. Whether you are seeking for a project manager, change manager, agile professional or test manager, we can work with you to get a qualified candidate on board.

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