Build Hands-on Practical Experience: A 3 month program for recent graduates and individuals, bridging academic qualifications with real-world projects, enhancing CVs, and boosting employability.

Please be aware that we charge for this training program; it is not free


Project Manager Internship Program

A project manager internship program is essential to secure a project manager role in today’s work placement. This work experience program is designed for aspiring project managers who wish to build project manager experience.

Our program aims to help you get practical project manager experience while advancing your career through our project management internship program. You can fill the gap between academic/vocational qualifications and industrial experience through our project manager job placement program.

The project management internship program at Techway Placement will assist you to develop skill set in this industry. Work experience as a project manager brings numerous opportunities for project management intern positions.

If you are a recent UK graduate seeking work as a project manager or are interested in a project manager work placement. We can assist you. Our project manager internship program suits candidates who are looking for this program in the EU, Asia, or Africa.

Our applicants can acquire practical project management experience through Techway Placement by completing the job placement program. They can also gain experience and become acquainted with various concepts, principles, techniques, and practices.

We currently partner with established data firms around the UK. We assist interns who aim to secure a role in the industry.

Ourjob placement program is designed for interns to advance their careers and secure project manager roles. They should be mindful that the industry is highly competitive, regardless of the position they ultimately choose to pursue. That is why we are here to help every step of the way.

As part of our program at Techway Placement, we collaborated with data companies around the United Kingdom that will helpinterns develop skills and secure a role in the industry through our internship program.

Internship Program for Project Manager Intern

Who fits this program?

As you build practical experience, we offer remote internships for those aspiring to enter the industry. Whether you are a beginner or an established professional, this is an excellent chance to acquire experience and develop a more meaningful career for the future!

Project manager interns can acquire experience through the internship program. You may consolidate your knowledge and show potential employers that you can hit the ground running.

Techway Placement will provide the proper assistance you need to apply for a new career. Our program will assist you with this internship program.

Gain Practical Project Manager Experience with Techway Placement

You will work as a project manager intern under the supervision of a project manager mentor during this three-month internship program. These are some of the duties you will work on as a project manager intern, but not limited to:

  • Following a standard process, as defined by a professional project management organisation, such as the APM (Association for Project Management) or the PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • Initiating the project - check feasibility and work out budgets, teams and resources
  • Carrying out planning - this will include setting goals and objectives, defining roles and
  • Producing schedules and timelines for tasks - by your client’s needs. Some tools, such as Gantt charts, can be used to create a visual project plan
  • Selecting, leading and motivating your project team from both internal and external stakeholder organisations
  • Managing the project - which includes coordinating the project team to keep them on track and keeping the project on budget
  • Carrying out monitoring and control activities to track the progress of the project
  • Identifying and managing risks to ensure delivery is on time
  • Implementing any necessary changes throughout the process
  • Reporting regularly to management and the client
  • Closing the project - including evaluating successes and challenges to enhance learning for your next project.

What makes our program ideal?

As part of our work experience program in Techway Placement, you will be guided by a project manager mentor as you take the role of a junior project manager. You can complete the project manager placement program remotely online. You can also send your work to the appropriate supervisor through email.

Our project management internship program opportunity offers a chance for you to land your first project management placement. Support and recruitment services will also be provided to you. You can highlight that work experience in your resume once your internship in project management is over to help you stand out from the competition and increase your job offers.

Project Manager Internship Program

Terms and Conditions

1. The project management internship is a work placement program offered by Techway Placements, referred to as the project manager work experience program.

2. The project management internship program is a work experience program that allows the candidate to establish project management experience in a paid program.

3. Our program requires a minimum of four hours per week commitment.

4. The project manager work experience program opportunity is only available to individuals who like to enrol and can commit to the hours of the program.

5. Techway Placement will give a reference upon completing the project manager work experience program.

6. Interns must have relevant qualifications in project management and need more work experience programs to secure a role.

Techway Placement’s project management work experience program is always available to assist you as you secure a role in the industry. By learning practical work experience in project management, you could land a career in project management

This internship program is designed for everyone aspiring to secure a project manager role for career development. If this interests you, you can fill out the form below and our team will reach out to you anytime soon. We are rooting for your presence here at Techway Placement!


Build Hands-on Practical Experience: A 3 month program for recent graduates and individuals, bridging academic qualifications with real-world projects, enhancing CVs, and boosting employability.

Please be aware that we charge for this training program; it is not free